About Us

About Us

Extremidy is a Business Management Company. We offer small business owners professional services that assist them to mange and run their business. Our aim is for small businesses to connect, grow and succeed by providing them with support, networking and assistance.

We provide SBO’s, freelancers and entrepreneurs with services that allow them to manage their business, so that they can concentrate on making their business a success.

We also provide the platform for businesses to connect and reach out to their future consumers, on our site and our directory.


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Our story

There are so many aspects and departments when it comes to running a business and sometimes you just need a bit of support until your in the position to take on full time staff to run these departments. 

We are here to assist you with some of the more time consuming and difficult aspects of your business.

We provide services based on the services that we need as a small business so we get it completely on the types of support you and your business needs.

So join us now and see how we can support you and your business,

Why Us

Here’s a few off the services that we can offer to assist you with managing the everyday functions of your business.

Advertising– We provide an advertising portal where you can advertise your business, events or jobs.

Virtual Team–  We provide a virtual team who can assist you with your admin, reception, bookkeeping, marketing and event management needs.

Networking– Join our networking group on Facebook and network with like minded business.

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