Revamped website

We have finally finished revamping our website.

We took some time to redo our website and re-strategize our service offerings. So, we know offer a more substantial and useful service for you and your business.

We still offer you the ability to advertise your business, job vacancies and events, but we know also offer you the ability to sell your products and services, all of this has now been moved to our new site,

We have also added our business support service, where you can have the support of a virtual team behind you, who can offer you, virtual administration, virtual bookkeeping, virtual marketing, virtual event management and much more.

So, don’t wait any longer to have the support you need for your business, find out more today at and let us share the extra workload.



Extremidy is a business management company. Our aim is for small businesses to, connect, grow and succeed, by providing them with support, networking and assistance.
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